Women AND Colombian athletes: Caterine Ibargüe & Mariana Pajón

Sorry for all of you hoping for something different, but you’re going to have to wait until next week (I need to go to the city and buy a new cable for my phone before I can get you some good pictures).

BUT I’m excited that this week I can not only share the big news in Colombian’s Olympic athletes but also highlight a couple badass women.

Caterine Ibargüe

Colombia’s second gold medal of the 2016 Olympic games (I wrote about the first one here) was won by Caterine Ibargüe, a 32 year-old Antioquian woman (center of the country, department where Medellín is). Four years ago Caterine took home a silver medal for the triple jump; a year after that she was winning world championships. Now in Rio she became the first Colombian woman to win an Olympic gold medal in jumping. Since I don’t speak metric, I had to convert her 14.9m jump to feet – 48’10”! She beat the silver medallist by 2″, which is maybe a lot or maybe nothing at all in the triple jump. I am not a sports reporter.


Interesting things to note:

  • I found one article following her world championship win last year that referenced her great height – she’s exactly my height of 5’9″.
  • You may notice that she is another Colombian athlete excelling in a sport that takes little to no equipment and can be practiced anywhere.


Mariana Pajón

I’ve actually already written about Mariana, the BMX racer I have a crush on who killed it in the 2012 London games. And she hasn’t really done that much yet…depending on what time you are reading this. I am posting this at 7:43am; at 11:30 is the semifinal round and 1:00 is the final. On Wednesday Mariana raced the qualifier/seeding race and it was beautiful. At the time I watched, she finished .7 seconds ahead of the next racer; it turns out that an Australian racer went after her and ended up just .25 seconds behind Mariana.  Time trials are raced solo on the track; the next rounds will have 8 riders on the track, making those turns a little slower and more careful if you’re with a pack!

Now at 12:39 Mariana has completed her 3 qualifying runs. She came in 1st each time. I missed the first race due to work, but the second was a photo finish and the third she had a solid lead. It broke my heart to see in each race a few girls crash on the last curve; one of them raced to the finish line with her bike in hand and you bet I cried. Now to just wait for the final!

Ahhhh what was I doing during the final??? I just learned from a friend also watching that Mariana won, but I didn’t see the race! Anyway, let’s celebrate another gold for my favorite Colombian athlete!! 34.09 seconds!



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