What I’ll miss/won’t miss about Colombia

I’m only in this country for three more days, so I find myself frequently reflecting on what I will be missing by not being here. Many of them are things that I thought I’d never get used to. There’s no way this list is complete, just what I could think of in a ten minute period.

  • warm, welcoming people
    • always being offered a chair
    • always being offered a snack and a beverage
    • “adios” when passing in the street
    • hearing my name yelled out by people
  • fruits & fritos
    • so many delicious fruits we don’t have access to in the US – and fruits like bananas that taste so much better here, closer to the source
    • so many tasty fried foods
  • convenient shopping
    • fruits appear at my door by vendors selling from carts
    • the tienda across the street sells all the basics, and in just the amount you want – need only one egg? half a liter of milk? just one cilantro branch? They got you, boo
  • patio life
  • communal television experiences – if you walk to the store between 8-10 pm, odds are decent that every TV you pass will be tuned into the same program. And that the store itself is also showing it, so you won’t miss much from that singing competition or novela
  • crazy bus rides
    • magicians
    • musicians
    • comedians that I never think are funny
    • vendors
    • proselytizers
    • people offering to hold your heavy bag when you’re stuck standing
    • loud vallenato
    • so many decorations, inside and out
  • dancing everywhere for every occasion
  • walking beers
  • baby shots
  • sunsets at the pier
  • very affordable personal care services
  • a relaxed and forgiving attitude
  • soup as a lunch staple
  • the joy when the electricity returns after being out for hours
  • predictable weather

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