Three months post-Peace Corps

I officially closed my Peace Corps service by ringing the bell just over three months ago (if I get back in the writing groove, I’ll post about that soon!). THREE MONTHS. Time has really flown by. What have I done in that time?

  • Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by watching the Chicago River get dyed green
  • Moved into a cozy 2-bedroom apartment with my manfriend and his roommate
  • Spent 25 minutes in the snack aisle at Target in awe of the variety and types of products available
  • Did two escape rooms in one day
  • Played tour guide to one of my dear PCV friends and her dad
  • Spent a lot of money on new clothes, makeup, and hair product
  • Spent some time crying because life and death and our world are so beautiful and tragic and scary all at once
  • Started bouldering every now and then
  • Found my dream part-time job, playing with hot glue guns and balloons to create custom event decor
  • Attended the Vikings draft party (go, Pack, go)
  • Reunited with my bicycle
  • Reunited with several friends and discussed the complexity of life and this world
  • Made a snow storm happen
  • Picked up odd jobs (currently trying to sell some old Wheaties boxes if anyone is a collector…)
  • Went to the circus!
  • Applied for 14 jobs
  • Went on 5 informational interviews
  • Attended 2 networking events
  • Went to a gorgeous wedding in Chicago
  • Had 1 in-person interview (for a job I didn’t actually care about)
  • Had 2 phone interviews (for jobs I was really excited about)
  • Visited my grandparents in Northern Wisconsin for Memorial Day weekend
  • Helped my dad build some shelves for a camp store
  • Hiked my favorite trails at my neighborhood playground, Devil’s Lake State Park


Among so, so many other things. Adjusting has been pretty easy for me (especially once Minnesota’s spring finally arrived and it warmed up), but I would very much like a fulfilling full-time job now, please. That would make a portion of the emotional/mental adjustment much easier.

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