Slowly saying goodbye

Buster has been my best friend, and my little shadow, for the last 3.5 years.  When I come home, he is always there to greet me and beg me for some face pets.  When I wake up in the morning, he is always there chewing on the bars of his cage telling me, “GET OUT OF BED AND FEED ME.”  He is very affectionate and would like you to pet him for hours on end.  He is silly, and does all the ridiculous things that rabbits do – the Bunny 500 and binkies.  More than anything, though, he just wants love and affection.
I’ve known for the last year that I would eventually need to say goodbye.  I went through other options mentally: living with my parents (my mom is too allergic for it to work), living with my Barry brother (their puppy and he don’t really live together well), finding another friend…but ultimately, since I don’t know what comes for me after I return, I just didn’t feel comfortable with any temporary placement.

983687_10103181429851010_1337466732_nIn the last month I realized that I have already been a crappy friend to Buster.  I am home only rarely, and he just hasn’t been getting the love and attention he deserves.  I am downsizing in September to live in some friends’ basement, and I don’t want him to have to live in that new space before ending up elsewhere.  So I set up an appointment at the Animal Humane Society (which is where I originally adopted him, and they are a fantastic animal shelter) to surrender him.  I mentioned this to some ladies when they were over last week, and a couple of my amazing friends who have bunny-sat in the past and spent time with Buster immediately set to asking their friends if anyone wanted him.

Luckily, an amazing family stepped forward.  Donelle, her husband, and her 2 kids came to meet Buster on Tuesday evening.  Her daughter came with a lot of great questions about caring for a rabbit, and they spent lots of time watching him be his silly, exploratory self, and petting him.  They then went home, had a family meeting, and the next day I got word: they would welcome him into their family!  I spent the next couple of days pulling all of Buster’s belongings together, cleaning them up, pulling together info to send to Donelle & fam about rabbit care.  This morning the family came over to pick him up.  It is heartbreaking to have said goodbye, but I couldn’t be happier about where he ended up.  He is going to get so much love.


Bye, buddy.  Thanks for being the best companion imaginable. for the last few years.11755689_10106469658768900_7311061933948162014_n

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