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The women who’ve been inspiring me lately

I am constantly being inspired by other women. Here are some of the things that women have done recently that have just killed me with their perfection, that have inspired me to do and be and create better. These are listed in absolutely no particular order.

  • Terrible, Thanks For Asking is a podcast that talks about the real crap in life in a real, honest way – and it’s beautiful. Episode #5, Help Me Remember just emotionally destroyed me one day on a bus ride home. Host Nora McInerny is a writer whose super realness about the processes of death and grief have endeared her to the world. Check out her book, her Instagram, and her Twitter for more.
  • Jen Sinkler is a writer, fitness coach, and former USA rugby player. Besides getting people fit with her fitness programs, she talks openly about women’s health (read: vaginas) on her Instagram and Snapchat and I love it.
  • Alison Faulkner is basically my idol. When I first discovered her on Instagram about two years ago, she had just thrown her daughter my dream birthday party: it was unicorn-themed. Then I watched her hair change from platinum blonde to a soft bright pink to light blue, all things I was dreeeeeaming about doing but couldn’t thanks to my whomp-whomp somewhat conservative office job. Since then, I’ve watched her throw giant ladies-only dance party after giant ladies-only dance party and I just feel like she’s my spirit animal and I want to work for her without having to live in Provo, so if anyone can figure that out, holla.
  • Adriene Mishler of Yoga with Adriene has been helping me calm down, stretch out my bod, and embrace at-home yoga this month as I follow along with her Revolution 31 day series. She encourages exploring and finding what feels good, instead of drawing a super firm line and saying, “if you’re doing it this way, you’re wrong.”
  • My hero Michelle Obama just gave her final White House address as FLOTUS, and while she was speaking to the youth of America, I definitely felt like she was talking to me.

  • The lead image to this post features a line from the theme song for The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s not a recently-released show. If you haven’t watched it, and you have Netflix, get on it. It’s really fun and great and female-forward.

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