Peace Corps Colombia CII-8 Swearing In

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I am pleased to be able to say that I am now officially a Peace Corps Volunteer, or PCV.

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My training town group with our Language, Culture, and Technical Facilitator

Two weeks ago in a big formal ceremony full of important and impressive people, my cohort raised our right hands and pledged an oath to the United States of America, as well as a special pledge in Spanish to the people of Colombia.  The room was well air-conditioned and filled with people ranging from Peace Corps staff (most of whom were running around like crazy to make sure everything went off seamlessly, which it did) to host family members to local dignitaries.  It was pretty cool that not only did the US Ambassador to Colombia fly up from Bogotá to hand us pins and hear our oaths, but the Atlántico Governor and Secretary of Education attended.  From my own life, my host mom, my 2 new counterparts, my municipality’s Secretary of Education and mayor attended, as well as my training municipality’s mayor and a friend from his office.

With my host mom, Gladis

After we were all done and had received our pins, we took a moment to get a group picture with the Ambassador, and then I got stuck in interviews.  It all started because my two mayors were trying to get pictures with me, and in between I also posed for group pictures with my fellow Atlántico volunteers for local news sources, and because I’m so obviously a gringa with my blonde hair, they just kept coming at me.  Besides showcasing my bad Spanish and having to say the same things over and over, this meant that when I went downstairs for the reception, all the sandwiches were gone.  I just shoved a piece of cake in my face and got ready to party with some of my cohort members at the pool.

Here are links to several articles about our Swearing In.  If you look at the articles in Google Chrome, you should be able to have them translated for you.  If you’re on another browser, I can’t help you.


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