Toilet talk: bathrooms in Colombia*

* I am only speaking from experience regarding the country of Colombia, but from what I understand, these things apply to much of Central and South America, if not a much wider swath of the world. This isn’t the sexiest topic I could blog about, but I’m doing it anyway: bathrooms. As someone who consumes […]

A weekend getaway to Minca

Minca, Colombia, nests in the Sierra Nevada mountains about 45 minutes outside of Santa Marta. During the 1990’s the pueblo experienced devastation, as it was taken over by a violent group involved in drug trafficking and other dangerous businesses; by 2000 peace was restored, although the town remained under paramilitary control until March of 2006. A […]

Sensing the Colombian Caribbean coast

Sometime early in our school education, we all learned that humans have five senses. Sight, sound, taste, touch, feel. While I have spent much of my tenure here reflecting on the other kind of feeling (emotional), lately I have been trying to imprint the sensory experiences of the Colombian Caribbean coast on my memory. My strategy? Think […]

Small bubbles

vPersonal bubbles here on the coast of Colombia are small. Every single greeting and farewell begins with personal contact. Even at a party, the polite way to enter is to go around the circle of chairs and physically touch everyone. Most frequently, women are giving cheek kisses to the people they know and shaking hands […]

Music Monday: Maluma

Like all the most popular urban musical artists in Colombia, Maluma isn’t the real name of the singer. Juan Luis Londoño Arias just isn’t very catchy or unique, so he created a stage name by combining the first syllables of his family members’ names (Marlli, Luis, and Manuela). Maluma’s songs – at least the most popular […]

So, how is Colombia?

I fear that when my friends and family asked me, “So how is Colombia?!?!” I answered negatively. To all of you, I  want to remind you of several things: WTF is that question? That is a very generic question and basically results me in just looking back at you like As a Peace Corps Volunteer […]

Bogotá basics

I recently got back from a delightful 4-day trip to Bogotá with my friend Natalie. It was a great escape from the heat of our Caribbean coast, and from the quiet streets of our little pueblos. Bogotá is the capital of Colombia, and is therefore actually formally named Bogotá, D.C. Here the D.C. does not stand […]

Let’s roll

Ever since Christmas, my street has been filled with neighbor girls teetering around on their brand new rollerblades and rollerskates. Well, through January there was a lot of teetering. These days the girls are zooming around and working on their backwards skating and showing off how much they’ve improved. Where did this unexpected trend come […]

Mountain View

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