Parents and I with palenuera sculpture

My parents visited Colombia!

I feel so fortunate that my parents were able to visit me in December, 2017, for two whole weeks! While I was my usual terrible irritable self, they were as patient and sweet as ever, super flexible and más cógela suave than I’ve ever been in my two years here.

Our trip started in Cartagena, as most trips to the coast do (cheapest flights). Their flight got in late, so we just headed to our hotel and straight to bed. The next morning, a man named Julio picked us up to give us a tour of the city. We set out and visited the port, the island of Manga, a convent called La Popa, and the fortress San Felipe de Barajas. As we stood on the top of the fortress, it started sprinkling. By the time we rolled into the walled city to begin the more extensive walking tour, it was pouring. Cule aguacero, we would say in Puerto. We sat at Juan Valdez and tried to wait it out, but it just didn’t let up. We just sat and watched as cars rolling through the water-filled streets caused waves that leaked dirty rainwater under the glass doors of the cafe. Finally we took a risky little drive through the rain back to the neighborhood where we were staying, ate lunch, and napped. The following day I did my best to give the historic walking tour.

parents in puerto colombia

Then I had the pleasure of taking them to my home for the last two years, Puerto Colombia. We had lunch with my host family, of course got salchipapas with my rugby friends, stopped by the beach, and they even helped me paint a portion of the world map I was working on in the English lab at my school.

parents in community class

My favorite part of having them in Puerto Colombia was the number of taxi fiascos they got to witness. KIDDING, although there really were a weird number of miscommunications with taxi drivers. My favorite part of having them here was having them at my community English class’s year end party! My mom made adorable little gift bags, which I handed out to my students along with their certificates, and we shared a little celebratory meal together, and took this selfie. (The baby Aileen is not a huge fan of me even though I’m a BIG fan of hers.)

parents in coffee triangle

Then we headed somewhere none of us had ever been: the Coffee Triangle. We visited three less-trafficked coffee towns in Quindío, before heading to the very touristy Salento, and finishing with a more relaxing stay in the city of Manizales. More extensive blog posts will be coming about this part of the country…but not until March/April when I can get photos from them! I’ve actually been so obsessed with making videos lately that it’s almost all I did during this trip. I promise that will come soonish!

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  1. Oh, I wish I would have had the photo of your dad and I painting for my photo book. Lovely time spent with you! Been telling everyone to head to Cartagena if they are looking for an inexpensive get away with lots of beach.

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