Music Monday

Music Monday: what’s hot

Today for Music Monday, here are three of the most popular songs on the coast of Colombia right now.

J Balvin & Willy William – Mi Gente
I’ve featured J Balvin before; his song “Safari” is one of my favorites to dance to. Well, now “Mi Gente” is on that favorites list, too. This one features French DJ and producer Willy William.

Bum Bum (Boom Boom) Musica Brasilera
This song is kind of a mystery to me (like so many things in Colombia). It’s not available on any streaming service besides YouTube. The YouTube channel it is on belongs to a “music promoter” in Colombia, but gives no credit to the artist. I assume that someone at some point put this song on one of those mix CDs that are sold in the street (100+ tracks for just 3.000 pesos), and it became popular.

Manuel Turizo – Una Lady Como Tu
Manuel Turizo was only 16 when this song became a big hit. It always makes me giggle a little because the intro sounds just like the verses of “I Will Follow You Into the Dark.” Rather than continuing in a slow ballad, though, it kicks in with a reggaetony beat.

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