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Music Monday: Despacito

Normally in these Music Monday features, I highlight a Colombian singer or band. Today is a bit different. I am actually going to share a song with you rather than an artist….and the artist isn’t Colombian. Or rather, none of the artists involved are Colombian. What the heck am I even doing?!

Sharing a piece of music history with you that you may otherwise not know. See, the original video for this song reached 1 billion views on Youtube in just 97 days. The only video to have beat that was Adele’s “Hello.”* THIS THING IS HUGE.


The song is called “Despacito,” and it comes from a Puerto Rican crooner named Luis Fonsi and fellow islander and reggaetón megastar Daddy Yankee. The song basically tells the classic story of a guy seeing a gorgeous woman in a bar and wanting to grind up on her – slowly.

Take one enormous pop sensation, add another, and what do you get? A huge freaking hit, that’s what. Some genius got Justin Bieber to come sing a verse in English and help out on the chorus (he does a great job on the Spanish, TBH), then another video was released on YouTube…and it got over 20 million views in just 24 hours. Biebs’s verse gives the song a bit more poetry, even though he’s still lusting over a random babe in a bar. Maggy, if you’re reading this: don’t skip this song just because it’s got Biebs on it.

*According to Wikipedia; I don’t know how they retrieve their data or who is doing their mathing

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