Meet Teo (tay-o) Andrés

When I first got the sheet about my host family here in Puerto, I read that there was a perico in the house.  I promptly forgot what I had read and convinced myself that I had read perrito – which would mean a dog.  I quickly learned that there was no dog here; my host mom said that someone(s) in the house had allergies, but that my 21 year-old host sister really wanted a puppy and so did my host dad.  I never expected that after that conversation I would get to live with a dog here in Colombia*.

Sunday Marty and I had a happy hour, so I was locked in my room for an hour or two while my host family was hanging out on the front patio.  When I walked out, the birthday girl was holding a bottle.  I looked around and didn’t see a baby, so I asked her why she had the bottle.  She said, “The puppy,” and gestured at a box on the ground.  “Whose puppy is that?”  She very casually responded, “Ours,” at which point I began making a lot of stupid noises.

Teo Andrés is a teeny tiny (four week-old!) yellow lab with beautiful blue eyes.  His current hobbies are sleeping and eating.  He’s definitely a toddler – when he’s awake enough to explore, he walks like a little drunk pup, and he has an adorable chubby baby belly. I’m nervous to make my host sisters jealous because I definitely love puppies.  The oldest one is about to head to the interior and won’t get the privilege of seeing Teo grow in person; the younger one just tends to get jealous.  But of course I am beyond excited to watch Teo become a giant lab and see his personality flourish over the next 23 months!

*There was a dog at my training site, but he was once a street dog that was then tied up almost 100% of the time, so was aggressive with strangers.  He was only let loose at night when the back door was gated up.  Right before I left he stopped barking at the sound of my voice, and one time when I got home from the gym he was out and the back door was open.  He didn’t make a move, but I was still terrified that he’d come at me.  Therefore I don’t really count that relationship as “living with a dog here.”



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