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It’s been awhile

Dear blog readers,

I think of you every day. Yes, I think of all four of you each and every day. “What can I give them? It’s been awhile. I want to tell them something. I want to keep them updated. But no, not that, not yet. What else can I say? What can I write in just ten minutes between painting the mural at the school and editing those two videos and oh shoot I haven’t been taking my one second videos and applying for jobs?” This is my internal dialogue. It’s been awhile, right? It feels like a lifetime, although it’s just been one month.

And I promise I have some really great posts planned! I will show you what else of this amazing country I have seen, share what a joy it is to show Colombia to the most important people in my life, tell you more about the coffee here…plus, there’s one more Carnaval to get through! But as my internal dialogue mentioned, I have been busy. I have three major projects that I am working on with deadlines, plus my final visitor arrives next week, and I’ve been applying to all the jobs I can find in Minneapolis. It’s like I am trying to train myself what it is like to truly work eight plus hours a day again, training for real life back in the States.

I will continue thinking of you. I’m not gone. My projects are coming along pretty well, so hopefully I’ll be getting at least a travel or coffee post out within a week. In the meantime, enjoy this song that I am loving lately. It’s neither Colombian nor that brand new, but it gets a lot of play here and it makes me happydancey.



Un abrazo,

Brianna Hope

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3 thoughts on “It’s been awhile”

  1. Exciting to hear. I imagine the transition back to life in the states will take some time, but your experience will have expanded your soul and your being in ways you can’t imagine, and your experience will make you a great prospective employee. I have enjoyed your blog posts so much. The photos, the videos, the stories.

  2. Brianna, I have enjoyed reading about your PC journey.-I started when my daughter told us she would be going to Colombia .I wish you the best in the last few months -and would love to meet in person when you are in Mpls-Enjoy the balmy costeno weather while you can!
    Sandhya (Maya my daughter is in Los Palmitos, Sucre)

  3. must admit, i was expectantly waiting for a mom/dad post – spoilers… they said it was amazing. still jealous of the experience. love you B

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