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Image from Gabriel Orozco

Last week I shared about how I got into rugby here in Colombia, and how I was super excited to have arrived at a time when the rugby program was growing – so much as to include a girls’ team.  This week I want to share with you an interview with one of the girls that plays, and plays with a lot of gusto.

Interview with Betsy Gonzalez

This interview has been edited for clarity, but was done completely in English because she is amazing. 

How long have you played rugby?
I started to play rugby like 2 or 3 months ago.

Did you play any sports before rugby?
Just soccer, but I never liked it. It was just at school.

What do you like about rugby?
What I like about rugby is the perspective that it gives about a team. Like we play together and need each other all the time at the game, and no matter how much you push someone there will never be a problem because we are all like a big family.

Haha that’s totally true.
Would you rather tackle someone else or be tackled?
Tackle someone, obviously hahah.

Haha, I’m always more afraid that I am going to hurt someone when I tackle them, but I am not afraid of being hurt.
Well I am afraid of being hurt. I mean I am falling because of you, I can be hurt, but if I hurt you I can say sorry or something like that.

Ha, you’re so nice! I’m never very good at saying sorry when I play sports.
Well, that’s something that I’ve learned about rugby, Gabriel says that when we have problems with someone at the game, we have to say sorry and hold hands like we are a team.

Yeah. I’m still learning from Gabo that rugby players are more physical than football players, but also kinder. Or more gracious.

What do your family and friends think about you playing rugby?
At first they said it was a sport just for men, and I talked to my mom and I told her I really wanted to do it because I like it, so she accepted it. Now it’s normal.
And my friends are all crazy, so they told me to do it and tackle everyone who try to impede it hahaha.

Do you plan to go to university?
Yes, I want to go to university and study photography.
Will you try to play on the university’s rugby team?
Maybe, but I don’t think there would be a rugby team in the university I want to go. but if there’s a team I’d like to play.

Betsy dreams of attending a fine arts university in Argentina, which I think is totally amazing.  She took the pictures below during one practice.



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