If I had a million dollars…

If I had a million dollars, I could buy a literal boatload of bananas. Maybe multiple. How many boatloads do 10,000,000 bananas fill?

The quantities of things that I could buy with a million dollars is, to me, unfathomable. 2,600,000 pounds of onion? WHAT IS THAT EVEN? I mean, I guess millionaires probably aren’t dropping a million dollars at a time on one commodity. So let’s look at this in a more realistic way.

If I had a single dollar, I could buy 10 bananas. Let’s call that 2.5 pounds of bananas. $1. And let me tell you, bananas in Colombia, the #8 banana producer in the world, these are good bananas (at least where I get mine; it’s also common to find only really terrible ones in some towns because most of the good ones are exported).

What else does $1 USD get you in my town in Colombia? Take a look at things I buy regularly or semi-regularly (yes, hot dogs).
I’ve listed the price in Colombian pesos per unit – so 1 single egg, for example, is 285 Colombian pesos (COP) – and shown the quantity that $1 USD will get you (10.5 eggs).

A visual of the things you can buy in Colombia for 1 dollar

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