My workplace really loves acronyms and motivational mottos – basically anything that can be considered its own language, it loves.  (This is going to result in difficult resume-making and interviewing for me in the future.)  About a year ago, they made everything about GSD: Get Shit Done.  Get Stuff Done for those in the corporate community that like to keep it clean.  There were posters, there were days blocked off on calendars, there were stickers on conference tables, and even a fun series of videos starring our CMO talking about how he Gets *!$@ Done.

I’ve been preparing to move out of my apartment and into a friend’s basement, and have been all about GSD.  The good part was the bill cancelling.  No more electric bill!  No more internet bill!  I’ll be paying my portion of the utilities directly to my new roommates.  The bummer part is a lot of time spent on hold, just staring at my to do list. It’s almost there, though!


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