papa rellena and patacon rellena

Fried Fridays: Filled Potatoes and Plantains

These foods are no-brainer delicious snacks. Starchy food + seasoned meat or veggies + all fried together + some hot sauce = magic in the mouth.

The little ball on the left is a papa rellena: filled potato. Potatoes are well cooked up and diced and/or lightly mashed (left chunky), and somehow rolled into a ball with some seasoned filling inside. Generally speaking that filling is either ground beef or chicken, but you can get lucky sometimes and find one that is just filled with veggies (onion and peppers) if that’s what you’re into. Then all of that is battered and fried. It would be perfect State Fair food if anyone wants to get on that.

On the right is a patacón rellena: filled double-fried plantain. Okay, first let me explain what a simple patacón is. Plantains are cut into pretty thick (1/4″) slices and fried until soft. Once they’ve cooled off a bit, they’re smashed into discs, and then fried again until toasty brown and crispy. I’m actually honestly not sure how they’re made filled. I think it’s like a sandwich structure. The plantains are fried once, and then sandwiched with the filling and kinda of smushed around the edges to shut them, then lightly battered and fried. This makes the most sense to me, though maybe the people that cook them are nimble geniuses and just do surgery on a single slice of plantain to fill it.

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