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Fried Fridays: Deditos (cheese sticks)

This will be my last fried food feature for a bit, unless I find a certain elusive yuca pie…No, I don’t have that today. Today I just have a super ubiquitous snack: the dedito. Dedito literally means “little finger” – like, I could say, “¿te dañaste el dedito?” to ask if you hurt your fingies – but in the context of food, it means cheese stick.

The morning I ate these deditos, I actually had gone to the tienda across the street to get some bananas. I’m going to feature the store another day, but all you need to know is that my man Jesús gets the best nanners around. He also always has a tupperware of fritos around. The big dedito came from that store for something like 400 pesos. The dough in which the cheese was wrapped had a bit of a sweetness to it. I have to say, it was actually lacking in the cheese department. But the dough was A++, especially when topped with some sriracha at home.

Incidentally, about 30 minutes after I ate that, my host sister was in the kitchen pulling out a styrofoam tray with about 20 of the little cheese sticks. It’s pretty common for people to make these trays of deditos and sell them for a few thousand pesos. My host mom was complaining about the price of this particular tray; I guess each little one cost 350. Adri threw a bunch of them in the hot oil and let them fry until they got a nice golden brown. These had a much saltier dough and a more generous dough-to-cheese ratio, but I actually preferred my big sweet one from earlier in the day. I think the salty dough was too much with the already salty cheese of the region.

Hopefully one day you can visit the coast and do your own food tour of these fried delights.

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