5:59 am- light coming in the curtains

A Day in the Life: September 21, 2016

Another day, another morning where the light shines in my Strawberry Shortcake curtains while my alarm sounds early in the morning. Four times. I am really bad at getting out of bed. Here there’s a fun phrase for that – “me pegan las sábanas.” Literally, “the sheets stuck to me.”


6:56 am putting on makeup

Normally on Wednesdays I try to be on my bike on my way to class by this time, but remember what I said about the sheets sticking to me? The struggle was real this day, so instead of being on route, I was on my bed still putting on makeup.

7:51 am 1st grade class

An hour later and I find myself watching these cuties in their Spanish class. The teacher had planned a lesson for English which relied on the projector and speakers, but neither the equipment guy nor the coordinator had arrived yet to be able to get these things out of storage and set up.

8:50 am - selfie with student

I don’t want to say I have favorite students, so instead I’ll say that there are a few students I’ve gotten to know a little better than others. With some of them, it’s because they’re really outgoing and either always stick by my side in class begging me for help (which they usually don’t actually need – what they need is attention) or talk to me every chance they get and ask me a million questions. With this guy, it’s because he doesn’t use his words most of the time, but is often out of his seat roaming around and bothering other students. Unfortunately, I can’t sit with him all day to gently help him with his schoolwork, but I love doing it while I’m there. He’ll focus long enough with me to actually do work that normally the teacher wouldn’t even bother giving him because he’d just destroy it.

9:51 am - another student selfie

I’m done in my first grade class and have moved onto the second grade class…just in time for recess. The kids use their recess time to get out of the classroom, eat a snack, and play. Unfortunately when they come in after recess sweaty from running, they are often scolded. I get it, sweat is gross. But that running helps them burn off energy and pay better attention in your classes! Embrace it!

11:21 am - students in class

The second grade class is learning fruits and vegetables. This class has over 40 students in it, in a big room where all the sound bounces off the walls and never seems to arrive well at the kids’ ears. It’s an incredibly tough group to get to be silent for more than 5 seconds (I mean that literally).

11:53 am making lunch

I’ve been really into banana ice cream bowls lately. That’s what I call them at least. Take some bananas, chop them up, and freeze them. Stick 1.5-2 of those in a blender, throw in a good spoonful of peanut butter. Blend until smooth like ice cream. Top with chia seeds, flax seeds, granola, whatever goodies you’ve got around.

12:51 pm

I just realized the time on this is wrong. If I were a real professional blogger, I would change it. But not today, friends. After finishing lunch I use a few minutes to sit on my floor and prep some materials for my community class later in the day. This particular poster was for a fill-in-the-blank listening activity with songs that say “hello” and “goodbye” (and other forms of greetings and farewells).

2:20pm planning

Planning time with my main counterpart looks like this – the two of us on our laptops hanging out wherever we can find space, wifi, and air conditioning. On this day, it was in the auditorium. Due to another teacher’s absence there were also some kids hanging out there (substitute teachers do not exist; if a teacher can’t make it to school, the kids just don’t have a class that hour).

3:06 pm in class 3:55pm in class

This is one of my 10th grade classes, working through a reading on Zika (relevant and close to what they know, the language is a little advanced for them; it’s a good article though!). This school doesn’t use textbooks for their English classes, which means we are always looking for relevant readings and generally project them on the board to avoid the costs of printing. Of course, this does present issues for the days when there’s no electricity, but it’s a bridge we wait to cross when we reach it.

~~At this point in the day, the hourly alarms I had set the night before ran out, and I had forgotten to set more. What you’re missing here is finalizing community class materials, dinner, and community class.~~

9:03pm dog training

Teo gets so excited when I come home. It’s my favorite thing. Look how big he’s getting! We have been training with hot dogs as treats. He’s really good at sit now, even without a treat. He’s getting there with lay down. We’re also working on play dead, which he easily goes into once he’s down on the ground, and stay. This one’s obviously the most useful, but also the one he’s the worst at. Patience and willpower are hard, you know?


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