If you’d like to send me mail or a care package, you can do so to the address below. If you send a package, please mark the customs form stating that items are used and declare the value at $1 (and send me items unpackaged where possible); this will reduce the cost that I have to pay for customs.  Packages typically take a month to arrive, and it seems that letters just never arrive.  Send me the number on the declaration form; this is the only way we are able to track packages.

Important! Cross your 7’s
Brianna Thompson
Centro Empresarial Las Americas
Calle 77B #57-141 Oficina 713
Barranquilla, Colombia

This book
Other children’s books that tell stories of strong-willed characters and represent people of color (Spanish or English)
Non-meltable candy (especially stuff that’s fun/different for kids to try – Smarties, War Heads, Airheads, etc.)
An iPod shuffle (preferably pre-loaded with music)
Magazines (can absolutely be pre-read!)
Raw almonds, cashews, or pistachios

E-mail: bhthompson108[at]gmail[dot]com Instagram: @thisbriannahope Twitter: @thisbriannahope

Mountain View

A little about me!

Hey! I'm Brianna Hope, a born & bred midwesterner embarking on an adventure as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Colombia. I am clumsy, I spill a lot, and I share most of my interests with 6 year-olds.

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