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The women who’ve been inspiring me lately

I am constantly being inspired by other women. Here are some of the things that women have done recently that have just killed me with their perfection, that have inspired me to do and be and create better. These are listed in absolutely no particular order. Terrible, Thanks For Asking is a podcast that talks about […]

Catcalling in Timbío, Cauca, Colombia is now illegal

I wasn’t going to share this piece of news here(although I did share it with my Peace Corps Colombia community) because I felt a bit like I had beaten the dead piropos (catcalling) horse. Then I went out in public. Today it was not the quantity of piropos that I received, but rather the quality, that reminded me […]

Not holding back

  Here’s a story about last night. I was faced with a difficult situation and I didn’t know what to do, and because my default is to be kind, I opted for holding back. In the hours afterwards, when I simmered and stewed angry about the whole thing, I realized I can’t do this anymore. […]

May all offices be like the Oval Office

Official White House photo by Pete Souza And by that, I mean promoting and enabling parity between male and female staffers. Washington Post recently published an article about how women staffers want to “be in the room” at the White House. “The room,” in this case, is wherever the President is. The Post’s article goes onto say […]

Soy yo: on confidence and being you

Seven year-old me and twenty-nine year-old me are pretty similar. We love making silly faces, we love being artsy and craftsy despite lacking creativity, we love to dance, and we don’t really care what other people think about us. The same is not true for eleven year-old me. By eleven I had glasses, bigger boobs than […]

Bringing our whole selves to work

For the amount of time my former employer spent talking about feedback and training its employees on how to give feedback (but like, let’s call it feed forward because that makes it sound like something different that’s nicer), I sure didn’t get very much constructive feedback during my seven year career there. I remember exactly four specific […]

Colombian Beauty 3: Confidence & Sexiness

When I first arrived here to the Colombian coast, I was amazed at how self-confident the girls seemed. Most of the time when I see girls going out at night, they’re all wearing sheer tops, or crop tops, or backless tops, or tops with the backs cut out. I witnessed in English classes when a […]

#WCW: JJ Javelet and Katie Ledecky

In case you’re not up-to-date on your hashtag abbrevs (that’s an abbreviation for abbreviation), #WCW means Woman Crush Wednesday. I think it’s silly to say that I have a woman crush or a man crush (it can just be a crush, y’know?), but I love the alliteration. ANYWAY, I want to share with YOU a […]

History is made!

A major United States political party officially has its first female presidential nomination. This is huge. Regardless of your politics or how you feel about Hillary Clinton, you must admit that this is an important milestone in women’s history in the nation. Really, it should have happened long ago. How is it that the United […]

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