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My parents’ impressions of Colombia

My parents are world travelers, but they never expected to go to Colombia. I am lucky and proud to say that when I told them that I would be going to Colombia for my Peace Corps service, I don’t remember them saying anything indicating that they had any judgement of the country. Still, what they […]

An island getaway: San Andrés

When my sister-in-law started planning her visit here, she said she wanted to get in some beach time. Living on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, there were options. She and her friends were flying into Cartagena; just outside of the city, there are some lovely beaches. Half a day’s drive north in Santa Marta are even […]

Happy birthday, Ben.

Today is Ben’s birthday, but instead of turning 37, he is once again 35, forever 35. I am suddenly only five years younger than him rather than seven. Someday, I’ll be older than him. Even though I will (presumably) surpass his age, there’s no way I will ever surpass his wisdom or his intelligence or […]

A year without Ben.

I grew up with two brothers. Then, a year ago today, my Ben brother died. He had been very sick for a year. Well, he had been mostly very sick for a year. But I already wrote 900 words about that and they weren’t very fun to read, so I just deleted them. Instead, today […]

“If you would be loved, love and be lovable.”

I’ve spent the last four weeks writing this blog post in my head, and yet I still don’t know what to write.  One month ago, on September 9, my big brother Benjiman passed away due to an infection he got after his high-dose chemo, radiation, and stem cell transplant.  For those of you who didn’t […]

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A little about me!

Hey! I'm Brianna Hope, a born & bred midwesterner embarking on an adventure as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Colombia. I am clumsy, I spill a lot, and I share most of my interests with 6 year-olds.

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