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Women Wednesday: Potential women’s professional soccer league in Colombia

Nataly Castro, defender, and Gianina Castro, forward. Photo from El Heraldo online When I recently read a news article about women’s soccer in Barranquilla, my excitement over seeing the article about the potential creation of a women’s soccer league in Colombia quickly changed to disappointment because the writer’s language was completely disempowering. The opening paragraph […]

Do you even lift, bra?

Back home, I liked to go to the gym or to yoga classes, but was never very good at consistently doing it because I either a) had so much going on between work/hosting trivia/teaching my ESL class/trying to have a social life or b) just wanted to go for a bike ride with Marty.  Here, […]

Women Wednesday: unwanted attention

Image from Stop Telling Women To Smile, a street art movement combating street harssment by highlighting that women’s bodies are not public property, and that women do not owe men their time.  One of the big challenges that female volunteers in Colombia face is unwanted attention.  Colombian men love to try to woo women by throwing piropos, catcalls, […]

Eight hours in Cartagena

I had a lot on my plate in the months leading up to my departure for Peace Corps.  While I slowly dropped a lot of my commitments (actually, I kind of dropped them pretty rapidly), I was busy spending quality time with the people I love and not spending quality time researching Colombia.  But if […]

Coastal mornings

Our training coordinator Oscar once told my training group that he wakes up at 4:30 every morning to go for a walk.  He told us how meditative that time of day is, when the city is still quiet and dark.  We all laughed when he said he likes to explore the city, rather than go […]

Get me to the water

I get a lot of crap from one of my co-trainees about how every time I’m asked where I’m from, I answer differently.  Half the time I answer Wisconsin, the other time I say Minnesota.  This co-trainee found out that I was born in South Dakota and actually lived there longer than either WI or […]

It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty* cake

I love to bake.  Back home I’d bake breads, cookies, cakes, casseroles, enchiladas, vegetables, and pastas. Perhaps because where I lived there was winter 6 months out of the year, I embraced this method of cooking which had the dual purpose of warming up the house.  Here, where it’s 90+ degrees every day, warming up the […]

How I lived and enjoyed Carnaval

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about the festival of Carnaval and its cultural components, I’ll share my own experience.  I’m going to preface this by saying that I don’t have a ton of pictures to share because pickpocketing is a very common thing here, so I didn’t always have my phone with me.  […]

Carnaval culture

If you read my last post explaining what the hell Carnaval is, you know that it is the ultimate expression of the Caribbean coastal culture.  This can be seen easily through the music, dance, and costumes that are seen in the many parades and events, but also in the way spectators dress. What to wear […]

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