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Music Monday: Twister “el rey”

There are four main styles of music popular here on the Caribbean coast of Colombia: vallenato, salsa, reggaetón, and champeta. If you’ve been following along, I’ve written about vallenato before. Salsa you might be familiar with from dancing or watching people dance. Reggaetón is popular in the United States (at least with Spanish-speakers), although if you’re my mom, you’re probably like “reggae what? a ton […]

Music Monday: Songs for Carnaval

It’s the Monday of Carnaval. Two days of partying complete (okay – let’s be real – it’s been a month of partying already), two to go. Whether you’re here in Colombia celebrating, reading this while stuck in an office at work, or at home on a dreary boring day, I’ve got the music to put […]

Let’s Dance

Babies everywhere like to dance, right? They do that little bob where they bend their knees and kind of nod their heads. Babies here do that too…but by the time those toddlers hit two, they can already shake their hips and do body rolls that put all of my dance moves to shame. Costeños are […]

Music Monday: Silvestre Dangond

Silvestre Dangond: the man that my host sister refers to as “el amor de mi vida” (the love of my life). He’s one of the most popular modern vallenato singers, but I didn’t know who he was until I saw him on TV. Silvestre, like the last three artists I featured, was a judge for a TV singing […]

Music Monday: Gusi (& sometimes Beto)

Way back in November I started out on this mission to feature the three judges from Colombian reality show La Voz Teens for Music Monday.  First I wrote about pop/hip-hop band ChocQuibTown, then I highlighted ballad man Andrés Cepeda. I kind of got stuck there; listening to all of those ballads were a bit torturous for me, and I wasn’t […]

Music Monday: Andrés Cepeda

A couple weeks ago, I published the first in a series of three posts about the coaches of La Voz: Teen (The Voice: Teen) about the group ChocQuibTown, the group I was already most familiar with. Today comes the second in the series, which will focus on Andrés Cepeda. Cepeda started out in the 90’s in a […]

Music Monday: ChocQuibTown

A typical night of Colombian primetime network television looks like this: an hour of news, an hour of a reality show, and 1-2 hours of novelas. I don’t love novelas; many of them are overly dramatic and/or cheesy. But I sure do love the reality TV shows. So far I’ve watched Bailando con las estrellas (Dancing with […]

Music Monday: Vallenato: the soul of the coast

When I started doing Music Mondays, I knew I’d have to feature vallenato at some point because it’s an integral part of the culture of coastal Colombia…but I was putting it off because while it’s a genre I hear constantly, I know nothing about it or its artists. Fortunately, my friend and fellow Peace Corps Volunteer […]

Music Monday: Los Amigos Invisibles

Up until now, all of my Music Monday posts have featured Colombian artists. When I discovered the music of Los Amigos Invisibles, a Venezuelan Latin-funk band, I knew they had to be my first deviation. The band’s groovy beats and daring lyrics are irresistible to me (well, at least my booty, which just starts shaking […]

Music Monday: Maía

I stumbled across Maía (that’s Ma-EE-a, not Ma-ya) while looking for popular champeta artists to highlight. Maía is not a champeta artist. She just sang a song with a popular champeta artist and then made a dance music video. I saw the video on a champeta Facebook page and thought, “This isn’t the typical stuff; what else does she […]

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