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An island getaway: San Andrés

When my sister-in-law started planning her visit here, she said she wanted to get in some beach time. Living on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, there were options. She and her friends were flying into Cartagena; just outside of the city, there are some lovely beaches. Half a day’s drive north in Santa Marta are even […]

Medellín: an intro

Medellín was a bit of a mythological dream place to me for a long time. Well, for many months at least; to be honest, prior to watching Narcos last December, Medellín wasn’t on my mental map at all. For those of you who haven’t watched the Netflix television series Narcos, the show takes place in […]

Cartagena Knockers

The city of Cartagena is one of my favorites to visit. It’s old, it’s beautiful, it’s got good coffee and good cocktails… And besides being reasonably close, it’s also the cheapest airport on the coast for (most people) to fly into from the United States. When Marty and I began planning his visit here, I […]

Regarding the peace accord in Colombia

This morning I may have inadvertantly talked at a political rally for peace. I arrived at what I thought was just one school’s assembly to kick off their month-long program regarding friendship, love, and sex (seriously, this is what I understand it to be). It started out, however, with all of the schools from the […]

Mountain View

A little about me!

Hey! I'm Brianna Hope, a born & bred midwesterner embarking on an adventure as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Colombia. I am clumsy, I spill a lot, and I share most of my interests with 6 year-olds.

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