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Fried Fridays: Caribañolas

In my last Fried Friday post, I warned you it would be the last one until I found “a certain elusive yuca pie.” Well, it has finally happened. I went to a fritos stand that had more than just arepas, deditos, empanadas, and papas rellenas: they sell caribañolas.  Truthfully, caribañolas aren’t that unlike the other fried foods […]

An hour at the juice stand

Once a week I like to go hang out at the juice/fritos stand in the plaza. It’s shady, there’s juice, and it’s in a central location. On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 26, I documented my observations at the juice stand over the course of an hour. 1:44 Two women and a man are chatting across […]

Coastal Colombian Coffee Culture

When Americans hear Colombia, a few things first come to mind, right? At least a couple of them, unfortunately, are not positive (though I’m trying to change that!). But there is one awesome thing that people often think of: coffee! I’ve gotta say, though, that since arriving in Colombia, my coffee game has been notably…not great. The […]

Fried Fridays: Deditos (cheese sticks)

This will be my last fried food feature for a bit, unless I find a certain elusive yuca pie…No, I don’t have that today. Today I just have a super ubiquitous snack: the dedito. Dedito literally means “little finger” – like, I could say, “¿te dañaste el dedito?” to ask if you hurt your fingies – […]

Fried Fridays: Filled Potatoes and Plantains

These foods are no-brainer delicious snacks. Starchy food + seasoned meat or veggies + all fried together + some hot sauce = magic in the mouth. The little ball on the left is a papa rellena: filled potato. Potatoes are well cooked up and diced and/or lightly mashed (left chunky), and somehow rolled into a ball […]

Fried Friday: Arepas

  Arepas are the bread & butter of Colombian cuisine. Well, I suppose just the bread, although sometimes they do also contain butter. Point is: they’re a staple. They’re served with almost every meal in some way, shape, or form. I could write an entire book about them! I won’t. It already exists thanks to some […]

Fried Friday: Empanadas

I am a bit embarrassed to admit this, but my favorite Colombian foods are all fritos – little fried delicacies. I wish I could send you all a box filled with them for you to try yourself, but since I cannot, I will just be sharing them with you on my blog for the next few […]

How to dine like a costeñx*

This post is part of Blogging Abroad’s 2017 New Years Blog Challenge, week three: Cultural Differences. If you want to dine with people here on the coast of Colombia, there are some key tips that will help you fit in a bit: When you receive your food, dig in! You may get your food before […]

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