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Music Monday: Songs for Carnaval (part 2)

It’s back! Carnaval is back! Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, so the official Carnaval celebrations began on Saturday; of course, if you’ve been following along, you know that the season starts with an important pre-Carnaval period starting in January, so we’ve been partying and parading for a while already. Last year, I wrote a feature on […]

Carnaval…round 2

Carnaval just ended. The celebration is officially only 4 days, but with 4-6 weeks of “pre-Carnaval,” the party has been going on here in coastal Colombia for quite a while. It takes over. Decorations are everywhere. New clothes are being sold. It is a swirl of parades and performances and concerts, all providing people excuse […]

Music Monday: Songs for Carnaval

It’s the Monday of Carnaval. Two days of partying complete (okay – let’s be real – it’s been a month of partying already), two to go. Whether you’re here in Colombia celebrating, reading this while stuck in an office at work, or at home on a dreary boring day, I’ve got the music to put […]

How I lived and enjoyed Carnaval

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about the festival of Carnaval and its cultural components, I’ll share my own experience.  I’m going to preface this by saying that I don’t have a ton of pictures to share because pickpocketing is a very common thing here, so I didn’t always have my phone with me.  […]

Carnaval culture

If you read my last post explaining what the hell Carnaval is, you know that it is the ultimate expression of the Caribbean coastal culture.  This can be seen easily through the music, dance, and costumes that are seen in the many parades and events, but also in the way spectators dress. What to wear […]

What is Carnaval?!

Everyone I’ve met tells me I arrived “en una buena época” – at a good time of the year.  Not only is it the “cool season” (highs in the lower 90s, lows in the upper 70s, with a really nice evening breeze), but it has been Carnaval season!  You’ve likely heard of Carnaval thanks to […]

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