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Bogotá basics

I recently got back from a delightful 4-day trip to Bogotá with my friend Natalie. It was a great escape from the heat of our Caribbean coast, and from the quiet streets of our little pueblos. Bogotá is the capital of Colombia, and is therefore actually formally named Bogotá, D.C. Here the D.C. does not stand […]

Let’s roll

Ever since Christmas, my street has been filled with neighbor girls teetering around on their brand new rollerblades and rollerskates. Well, through January there was a lot of teetering. These days the girls are zooming around and working on their backwards skating and showing off how much they’ve improved. Where did this unexpected trend come […]

Music Monday: J Balvin

J Balvin (full name José Álvaro Osorio Balvin, shares a birthday with my brother Barry) is a singer who makes…romantic reggaetón? Urban Latin music? Something like that. His songs have that drum machine boom boom tsa boom boom tsa beat, but a) are primarily singing, sans rap and b) are less disgustingly degrading to women […]

Coastal Colombian Coffee Culture

When Americans hear Colombia, a few things first come to mind, right? At least a couple of them, unfortunately, are not positive (though I’m trying to change that!). But there is one awesome thing that people often think of: coffee! I’ve gotta say, though, that since arriving in Colombia, my coffee game has been notably…not great. The […]

Going for a walk (by guest blogger Teo)

Hi, friends. I’m really excited to bring to you a little something different…what it is like to take my dog Teo for a walk, but from his point of view. It’s maybe the worst and most annoying thing you’ve ever read, or maybe it’s fun.  Hi hi hi hi hi omg I’m so excited to see you […]

Fried Fridays: Deditos (cheese sticks)

This will be my last fried food feature for a bit, unless I find a certain elusive yuca pie…No, I don’t have that today. Today I just have a super ubiquitous snack: the dedito. Dedito literally means “little finger” – like, I could say, “¿te dañaste el dedito?” to ask if you hurt your fingies – […]

Colombian Schools: Part 3

This is the third in a series of posts about Colombian schools. Read the first two posts here and here. Today marks the second Monday that the public school teachers in Colombia are on strike. Since Wednesday, May 10, teachers have been organizing and marching and voicing their anger with the Ministry of Education. They […]

Fried Fridays: Filled Potatoes and Plantains

These foods are no-brainer delicious snacks. Starchy food + seasoned meat or veggies + all fried together + some hot sauce = magic in the mouth. The little ball on the left is a papa rellena: filled potato. Potatoes are well cooked up and diced and/or lightly mashed (left chunky), and somehow rolled into a ball […]

Semana Santa in Mompóx, Bolívar, Colombia

If you read my previous post about Semana Santa (Holy Week), you’ll recall that it is the Colombian spring break. And you’ll remember that most people who travel during this time head to the beach. Most. Not all. Some people actually leave the coast to go to the interior of the country – almost 1/3 of my group […]

Fried Friday: Arepas

  Arepas are the bread & butter of Colombian cuisine. Well, I suppose just the bread, although sometimes they do also contain butter. Point is: they’re a staple. They’re served with almost every meal in some way, shape, or form. I could write an entire book about them! I won’t. It already exists thanks to some […]

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