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Fried Fridays: Caribañolas

In my last Fried Friday post, I warned you it would be the last one until I found “a certain elusive yuca pie.” Well, it has finally happened. I went to a fritos stand that had more than just arepas, deditos, empanadas, and papas rellenas: they sell caribañolas.  Truthfully, caribañolas aren’t that unlike the other fried foods […]

Music Monday: Grupo Niche

I am not a salsa lover. Well, that’s not strictly true. In Spanish, salsa is the word for sauce or condiment, which I love, as well as the name of a music genre and dance. I love the kind of salsa that goes on food, I can appreciate some of the music and dance. It has been […]

A unicorn birthday party

You might know that last year for my 30th birthday, I celebrated 4 times: once with my community class, once with my classes at school, once with my rugby friends, and once with my manfriend & Peace Corps friends. Only one of those was organized by me, and it was a far cry from typical […]

An hour at the juice stand

Once a week I like to go hang out at the juice/fritos stand in the plaza. It’s shady, there’s juice, and it’s in a central location. On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 26, I documented my observations at the juice stand over the course of an hour. 1:44 Two women and a man are chatting across […]

Music Monday: Mr Black

Edwin Antequera is not a good name for a champeta urbana star. This genre needs cred – and for that, you need a good stage name. Take, for example, one of the best-known champeta stars: Twister El Rey. Twister the King. He’s got a name that is making a bold declaration. And as Israel Gómez Monterrosa has declared […]

On grief/Remembering Ben

Today I finally realized that I am not special. I can’t pity myself. So many people are in my club. The Club of People Who Have Lost People Close to Them. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I realized how oblivious I’ve been forever. I suppose because I was growing up […]

Álvaro is a cobbler

Every morning, Álvaro carries a table, a chair, and several gunnysacks across the street. He places them under the shade of a large tree in front of one of the public schools, on one of the busiest streets in town. Then he makes a pyramid of pairs of other people’s shoes on the table. He spends […]

Music Monday: what’s hot

Today for Music Monday, here are three of the most popular songs on the coast of Colombia right now. J Balvin & Willy William – Mi Gente I’ve featured J Balvin before; his song “Safari” is one of my favorites to dance to. Well, now “Mi Gente” is on that favorites list, too. This one […]

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