Starting a new thing: #fruitfriday

Just kidding, I don’t really want to start this hashtag. But it happens to be Friday and I want to tell you about the latest seasonal fruit that I’ve tried, so it seemed fitting! I had never heard of this fruit called anón until I saw one of my cohort members post a picture on Facebook. I immediately asked my host mom about them. We don’t have them here in town, but she brought me one as a gift after a trip to the city one day!

The anón was given its English name, sugar apple, because it looks like an apple…I mean, sort of. Whoever is editing the Wikipedia page for this fruit found the most perfect pictures of the fruit available; my anón was definitely not apple-shaped.

My host mom taught me that when you grab an anón, if it’s hard it’s not ready. But if it’s got a little give when you squeeze it, it’s time to crack the thing open. The inside is sort of like a pomegranate/passionfruit/granadilla, in that it has fruit surrounding singular seeds. Unlike the other fruits listed, these seeds are HUGE and not something you eat. The fruit itself is slimy and slightly grainy, with a sweet taste that I can only relate to something else that you’ve probably never tried…and now I can’t even remember if it is guava (guayaba) or soursop (guanábana) that I am thinking of. Soursop makes sense since it’s from the same family as the sugar apple, but I don’t feel like I’ve ever actually tried it. So think: sweet, kind of custardy in texture but with some grit, no real recognizable flavor, and huge seeds that you have to spit out.

Overall it was a fruit that was okay but nowhere near as good as so many of the other fruits I can find here. Unless someone else hands me a free one, I will not be eating it again. Sorry, anón.



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