I am Brianna Hope (brɪ-‘æn-ɐ ‘hōp), a born-and-raised Midwesterner who is a little loud for my small hometown, but still vaguely reserved in that, “oh, let’s not bother the neighbors too much” sort of Minnesota/Wisconsin way.  I have an amazingly generous set of parents who have taught me that helping others with my time and talents contributes to a thriving community – and that learning when to accept help is, while difficult, good for my wellbeing.

After 11 years in South Dakota, 7 in Wisconsin, and 10 in Minnesota, I am really excited to be spending more than a few months outside the Midwest* as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) in Colombia; I arrived in January, 2016.  It was a long-time dream of mine to serve as a PCV, and Colombia is as perfect a fit for me as it had seemed in my discussion with my recruiter.

So this is what you’re going to get here: me, my thoughts, and my experiences.  I hope that you will find in me authenticity and empathy.  I hope that you will see that I am unapologetic for who I am (although occasionally apologetic for the things I do).  I hope that you will relate to me and connect with me.

*my only previous experience really living outside the Midwest was when I studied abroad in Spain