a chart showing my ideal day and a typical day

A typical day/week for me as a Peace Corps Volunteer

I lectured my dear friends and families – probably some strangers too – after a visit home to the United States. I had been asked repeatedly “so, how is Colombia?” because people didn’t know how else to start a conversation with me after my year and a half absence; while I got that, I just never knew how to answer. So in this post, I offered a list of questions to ask instead. With today’s post, I begin answering those questions.

Question 1: What does a typical day/week look like for you?

  • co-planning classes for six different 10th and 11th grade groups
  • co-teaching up to seven individual classes (each group has class twice a week)
  • relaying the lesson plan for the week to my two 2nd grade teacher counterparts
  • co-teaching up to two 2nd grade classes
  • planning and teaching my core community class twice a week – these are the students I have been working with for over a year now
  • planning and teaching an extracurricular English class for a group of eightish 10th graders
  • planning and teaching a less-than-great community class focused on tourism once a week
  • working on Peace Corps Colombia’s online magazine (although admittedly, this is only a focus for like 4 weeks/quarter)
  • helping improve Peace Corps Colombia’s social media presence
  • doing yoga as much as possible (in August I didn’t miss a day; I’ve been less stellar since then)
  • taking the dog for walks as much as I can (also something I should be better at)
  • eating lots of bananas, pineapples, and eggs
  • spending far too much time watching YouTube
  • talking to Marty every chance we get
  • lots of crafting – cross-stitch, painting, or whatever my pursuit of the moment is (actually, I wish I could just be cross-stitching all the time, but I’ve been recently experiencing a lot of pain in my right arm from over-use)
  • hanging out at the cultural center in the plaza of town
  • a night out with friends eating salchipapas
  • a visit to Barranquilla to get printing done in the PC office or just generally to get away (although I’ve been reducing these visits quite a bit in my efforts to save money recently)

You may notice rugby in missing from the list; unfortunately the team now practices the nights I have my community class, and my old knees just don’t really like the sport that much anyway.

In addition to the above, I’ve also been trying to get primary school workshops going. So far I’ve only managed to get through 1.5 of them, which is disappointing for myself – and also just a reminder that I need to get the next one rolling!

In terms of schedule, I currently have class three mornings; lately I’ve been very roll-out-of-bed-and-go about all of them (so many days without mascara!). On the days I don’t have a class before 10am, I still tend to be awake by 7:00 and out of bed by 8:00. My community classes run two nights a week plus two hours on Saturday morning (ughhhhh). It’s really not that bad though; I’m usually not at the school for more than four hours at a time.

Mostly, though, typical doesn’t exist here. Except in that “typical” with an eye roll way that I have illustrated above. Fortunately recently, my days have been falling into a really nice middle between amazing productivity and hermity laziness.

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