A little housekeeping

I arrived to my permanent Peace Corps Colombia site exactly one week ago.  That first day, I wasn’t sure what to think of my family or my new home.  Now, I am amazed at how comfortable I feel here.

Do awkward things happen sometimes? Or things that make me feel uncomfortable, even if no one else does?  Of course.

Are there times when my Spanish frustrates the hell out of me and I feel completely incapable of communicating?  Or even just have bad enough grammar that I feel like I could be perceived as incompetent? Ohhhhh, yeah.

Are there times when my bed is uncomfortably springy and the crazy bright colors of the decor drive me a bit crazy?  Absolutely.

But there are also some days like yesterday, when my host mom walked me over to the bike shop to make them help me get it fixed because the mechanic that built it in the shop didn’t build the wheels true and the handlebars are crooked, and when I tried to call and make the shop take action to fix it, I couldn’t communicate well enough to understand what they were going to do to help.  And after the bike shop, my host mom and host sister and I went on a tour of their family homes and I spent like an hour talking to her uncle who loves languages and offered to help me with my Spanish and to teach me how to play chess strategically.  And then when I made my green smoothie, everyone tried it and at least sort of liked it.  And then I went to bed in my room that has nice clean white walls, good air flow, and the only fan in the house, where my new storage solutions allow me to actually have places for my stuff, rather than just have it all piled on top of the dresser and table (my mother and former roommates might be surprised that this was a thing that bothered me, since I so often come home and just put my stuff on the first open visible surface I see).

Now for a little housekeeping that comes with this move:

  • Don’t send messages to my US phone # anymore.  The number is still in the hands of my roommates, but they don’t really want to have to field all your misdirected communication.
  • Alternatives: Facebook messenger, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp.  Leave a comment if you need any of that info.
  • Mailing information is still the same.


Stay in touch, babies!



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