A day in the life: March 3, 2016

I’m awake. I’m trying a new thing called “running,” and need to get up early to do it. First, I lay in bed and play games on my phone under my mosquito net.

I’ve finished my run and am now doing some stretching and ab work.

I lingered a little too long on my running and stretching, so am taking a later shower than normal. Whenever I can I prefer to use the outdoor shower; the indoor bathroom gets too humid for my liking.

I should note that this was a strange day for me; normally by now I’d be somewhere doing some Peace Corps stuff. Today I need to go to Barranquilla, however, so I’m taking some time to enjoy a crossword puzzle (I cheat to get a lot of my answers because it’s in Spanish).

Johan, one of the Peace Corps drivers, has picked me up and we are heading into the city along with another volunteer, Charles.

We’ve just finished up at the Migration Office. There had been a mishap with my Cedula (the Colombian ID card), so I had to go pick it up. Charles was there renewing his visa.
Still making the return trip home.

Johan is also the package guy, so I was lucky enough to be able to use my time with him to finally pick up a package my parents had sent weeks before. The contents were no longer quite appropriate for the time of year, but my friends enjoyed the candy!
I’ve joined my group members at one of their houses; we sat on the patio and chatted while waiting for the library (our unofficial office) to open.

The library has opened, so we are working on our projects and enjoying the air conditioning.  Librarian Shirly, pictured here, has been a huge help to us thus far.

Alyssa and Shelby are still working hard!

We head home, done with our project work for the day. A small supermarket has just opened up a block from my house, so we check out their inventory.

This is the perfect time to be at the gym – it’s not too busy yet, and it’s not as hot as it would be at midday.
I’m back home, have showered, and am reading Harry Potter y la cámara secreta while I wait for dinner.

I do my traditional “sit on the patio with my host mom” thing. There’s currently a large pile of rubble, remnants from a recent remodeling project, on our sidewalk waiting to be picked up.I decide to watch a movie in bed. I put on 42 (which I had never seen) and grabbed a coloring book.I refill my water bottle and prepare to pass out before the movie finishes. I must have, because that is the end of my day in photos!



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