30 things I’ve learned

Tomorrow’s my 30th birthday, and while I have a lot of friends stressing out about this (their own aging, not mine), I’m celebrating my life up to this point. It’s been absolutely nothing like I imagined 10, 15…or even 5 years ago, but it’s been full of love and learning. Here’s some of the things I’ve learned since I popped out of my mother’s womb on October 8, 1986.

  1. Ice cream just fills in the cracks, so just go for that post-dinner bowl.
  2. Saving money is hard.
  3. People don’t really notice when you don’t give them a gift, but they notice when you give them a gift they don’t like/want.
  4. It’s okay to quit sometimes. When that community ed Spanish class just makes you frustrated and doesn’t teach you anything, quit. When your rabbit hates that agility class you dragged him to, quit.
  5. But if you find something that you love, give it your 10,000 hours. I’ve found 5465 things that I love, but I can never commit the time to really mastering them; as a result, I’m a master of nothing.
  6. Dance like everyone is watching, because you are a stunner.
    dance like everyone's watchingAll photos courtesy of my beautiful friends. Top photo by Colvin Creative; middle photo by Cadence & Eli; bottom photo by Kedar Joyner
  7. You don’t need to love the person who falls in love with you, even if you desperately want to be in love.
  8. Working out and getting toned is really fun and rewarding. The rewards also disappear really quickly, which is not as fun.
  9. Drinking another beer when you get home at 2:00 am is not the good idea that it seems at the time.
  10. Don’t obsess over the little mistakes or embarrassing things you’ve done. Well, I’m still learning this, but in the last three months I’ve gotten better thanks to reading and re-reading this article.
  11. It’s okay to stay in bed all day sometimes. It’s also okay to not spend more than 1 waking hour at home in a week. Just know your limits either way.
  12. Breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. Make it a good one.
  13. Decisions aren’t worth obsessing over either. You can never know in advance the results either way, so just go with what feels right.
  14. Life is short.
  15. Figuring out what the hell you should do with your life is hard, and is something that you’ll spend your whole life doing.
  16. It’s never too late to do something you’ve always dreamed of doing.
  17. Education is key to taking a position; respect is key to not being an a-hole about it.
  18. Monday is the best day for happy hour. Or is it Sunday? Or Friday? Yes.
    Monday happy hour
  19. Evil comes in all forms: men, women, white, black, brown, old, and young. Just because you’ve seen evil in one form, doesn’t mean all people of that form are evil.
  20. If you get a chance to take a free whisky-tasting class, do it.
  21. Eat at least one bite. Offered fried pig’s ear? Give it a bite. Tripe soup? Take a spoonful. It’s okay if you try something and hate it, but you never know when you’ll find something crazy that you love (blood sausage).
  22. Cockroaches are gross and also they fly.
  23. Public transportation isn’t all that you romanticize it to be when you live in a small town without it, but it’s also a really amazing public service.
  24. You can bike anywhere at anytime, and you will be happier doing so than if you were to drive.
    bike in any weather
  25. Fishing isn’t my jam, really, but hanging out on a lake with my family members is.
  26. There’s nothing better than eating or reading or doing anything outside on a perfect MN/WI evening.
  27. Home can be more than one place because the heart can be in more than one place.
  28. Observe. Listen. Try to understand.
  29. Drunk people love bubbles as much as children do. For a good time at the bar, keep some wedding bubbles in your purse and pull them out when the time feels right.
  30. You do you. Let other people do them.

you do you

TLDR: Eat food; drink on Mondays but not after 2:00am; exercise consistently; do what you think is best for you;  stop obsessing.



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