Month: April 2017

Fried Friday: Empanadas

I am a bit embarrassed to admit this, but my favorite Colombian foods are all fritos – little fried delicacies. I wish I could send you all a box filled with them for you to try yourself, but since I cannot, I will just be sharing them with you on my blog for the next few […]

You’re fat today

I am generally not a confrontational person. I like things to be peaceful and don’t want to hurt anyone. The best examples of this are in regards to sharing living spaces. My very first roommate and I were both super passive aggressive and non-confrontational, and it led to a crazy toxic environment. We ended up living in […]

Music Monday: Martín Elías (que descanse en paz)

On Friday around 1:30pm I was sitting with a few other Peace Corps Volunteers at a restaurant eating lunch. Suddenly we realized that the restaurant was getting crowded with people watching the television. Big news had just broken: vallenato star Martín Elías had died after a major car crash earlier that day. I immediately realized that this […]

Friday afternoon in the plaza

This wooden bench isn’t very comfortable – one of the back slats is jutting forward into my back – but it’s in the shade, and down here just a block from the sea there’s a delicious breeze. In front of me is the empty slab of concrete where sometimes (on weekend nights) there’s a trampoline […]

Semana Santa: spring break, baby!

In the afternoon, the beach – the hard-packed part before the soft sand begins – starts filling up with cars. All of the wooden chairs under the thatch-roofed little huts, which are rented at $20mil a pop, are all taken. More people are walking from the street, where cars line the length of the malecón, carrying […]

Degrees of culture shock

The cultural differences that we know about going into travel or living abroad are relatively easy to get used to. These are differences that we expect, differences that are Big and Prevalent – the ones we see hear eat every day – and therefore the ones that perhaps we think of first and research before our […]

Mountain View

A little about me!

Hey! I'm Brianna Hope, a born & bred midwesterner embarking on an adventure as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Colombia. I am clumsy, I spill a lot, and I share most of my interests with 6 year-olds.

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