Month: April 2016

Peace Corps Colombia CII-8 Swearing In

Photo from El Universal I am pleased to be able to say that I am now officially a Peace Corps Volunteer, or PCV. Two weeks ago in a big formal ceremony full of important and impressive people, my cohort raised our right hands and pledged an oath to the United States of America, as well as a special pledge […]

Women Wednesday: How to Ride a Bike and Look Good

Step One: Get on a bike. Step Two: Ride your bike. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!   Joking.  I mean, sort of.  I do firmly believe that all it takes is to ride the bike.  You are a beautiful person.  A sexy person.  An {insert preferred adjective here} person.  If you believe that when you get on your […]

A little housekeeping

I arrived to my permanent Peace Corps Colombia site exactly one week ago.  That first day, I wasn’t sure what to think of my family or my new home.  Now, I am amazed at how comfortable I feel here. Do awkward things happen sometimes? Or things that make me feel uncomfortable, even if no one […]

Women Wednesday: Juliana Gaviria

Image from AP Ricardo Mazalan This week I’m featuring another badass female Colombian cyclist.  Juliana Gaviria is a 25 year-old track cyclist from La Ceja, Antioquia.  Track cycling is something that fascinates me, and I regret saying that I’ve never seen it in person despite having lived near a velodrome for years.  Basically, there’s a literal track […]

Despedidas: the end of Pre-Service Training

After three months of being an Aspirante, a hopeful, a trainee, I am now officially a Peace Corps Colombia Volunteer. Over the last week, I and my fellow volunteers celebrated with the people in our respective towns who helped us immensely during training. In our practicum classes, our students threw us parties.  They brought food, soda, […]

Peace Corpsing: Part 2

As I have mentioned, part of our Peace Corps pre-service training is having a community project.  Before deciding what we wanted to do, we wanted to introduce ourselves to the mayor and ensure that whatever we were working on aligned with the needs of the community.  He was a bit confused since we came in […]

Women Wednesday: Mariana Pajón

Image from Soluciones Magazine I recently started crushing on someone new.  (Marty, if you’re reading this, you need not worry.)  I first saw her name and face in the sports section of the paper.  She had won a race, and was in a picture with an 8-year old who had also won a race.  The […]

Peace Corpsing: Part 1

I know it’s hard to see that I’ve been Peace Corpsing (which is different than Peace Corpseing) given all of my other posts, but once again, I swear I’ve been doing more than just partying!  Projects just manifest more slowly so they make for less exciting reading material. The two easiest ways I’ve volunteered: 1. […]

Counterpart Conference & Site Visits

Last Wednesday, the 26 trainees remaining in my group and 26 counterparts (teachers with whom we’ll be working closely in our new sites) got together in a small, well-air-conditioned room in a nearby town.  The eight hours we spent together were really exhausting, but so great! Our training facilitators did some Peace Corps 101 for the […]

Women Wednesday: sexism in the bike industry

In honor of 30 Days of Biking, I decided that this month for Women Wednesday I would focus on bikey things.  Sexism is rampant in the bike industry (see this story about a ridiculous lady’s mountain bike webpage that says that “female cyclists do not generally need to push their limits, race against time…they just want […]

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