2015: the year of Gerty

The Peace Corps welcome book for Colombia states that “Volunteers are required to receive prior approval from the country director to ride bicycles in Colombia.”  A year and a half ago when I interviewed for the position, this wouldn’t have been anything I really took notice of.  At that time, I rode my bike as transportation, but not really for fun or health.  

Something changed this year.  I started biking earlier than I ever had in the year (March), and I never stopped.  I credit that in major part to participation in 30 Days of Biking: a pledge to ride your bike every day in April.  I had participated in previous years, but never really stuck with it. My only accountability was on Instagram, where I was sharing my pictures. This year, I got involved. I went to the kick-off ride (which I ditched very early because I was not in any way dressed for the crappy weather).  I participated in Saturday pastry rides.  I met people who loved to ride their bikes, and their utter joy on bikes was infectious.  Soon I had the bug.  I continued attending social rides through the year.  I participated in my first ever, super badass alley cat race, Babes in Bikeland.  I rode, and I photographed what I saw, and have shared it on the interwebs.  One of those joyful cyclists that I had met on social rides runs a really great blog called Biking In Mpls, and she wrote about my pictures.

So now, here I am.  Facing the fact that while my riding more than tripled from 2014 to 2015, it may completely fall off in the next 27 months.  My 2016 stats may only have results for this first week of the year.  My 2017 stats may be empty.  And 2018 may not show anything until April.  Wish me luck as I try to run again.  As I try to do yoga on my own. As I try to keep these cycling legs active without a bike on which to cycle.


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  1. Loved your post! So very happy you had such a great 2015 year of bicycling discovery, and the photos are masterful. I’m sure you will explore and share your adventure in the land where ciclovia began. (Probably a good idea on the pre-approval thing I reckon.)

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