Music Monday: Bomba Estéreo

Music is life in Colombia. Everywhere you go here on the coast, you hear it. People play it loudly for all to hear. So to share a very special part of Colombian culture with you, I’ll start posting music every now and then for you to all enjoy. I’m going to start with a band […]

Starting a new thing: #fruitfriday

Just kidding, I don’t really want to start this hashtag. But it happens to be Friday and I want to tell you about the latest seasonal fruit that I’ve tried, so it seemed fitting! I had never heard of this fruit called anón until I saw one of my cohort members post a picture on Facebook. I immediately […]

Colombian Beauty 3: Confidence & Sexiness

When I first arrived here to the Colombian coast, I was amazed at how self-confident the girls seemed. Most of the time when I see girls going out at night, they’re all wearing sheer tops, or crop tops, or backless tops, or tops with the backs cut out. I witnessed in English classes when a […]

Gaita festival in San Jacinto, Bolívar

Last weekend I took a little trip to San Jacinto, Bolívar (neighboring department) to visit my friends Michelle and JoAnn and check out the gaita festival. Gaita is a big pipe that is played in music like cumbia, heavy with drums. Unlike cumbia, which is danced to always wearing the same red and white checkered […]

Colombian athletes this week in Rio

I love the Olympics. Fortunately, my host dad also loves sports. Unfortunately, we don’t have quite the same taste in sports, so he’s often watching the one out of five channels that is showing something I couldn’t care less about. It’s been a great topic of conversation regardless, both at home and at the schools. […]

#WCW: JJ Javelet and Katie Ledecky

In case you’re not up-to-date on your hashtag abbrevs (that’s an abbreviation for abbreviation), #WCW means Woman Crush Wednesday. I think it’s silly to say that I have a woman crush or a man crush (it can just be a crush, y’know?), but I love the alliteration. ANYWAY, I want to share with YOU a […]

Cógela suave

“Cógela suave*.” It’s a phrase we learned early in training; our trainers tried to convince it that it meant something like “go with the flow” and would say it allllll the time. In the real world the phrase has a snarkier tone – a little more “take it easy” than “go with the flow.” Snarky or […]

In-Service Training and Reconnect

My cohort has now been working at site for three months. Observation time is over; it’s time to get to work! To help us kickstart work with our counterparts (the teachers we are working with), Peace Corps staff brought us all together, counterparts included, for 2 days of workshops called In-Service Training. During this time we […]

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