Catcalling in Timbío, Cauca, Colombia is now illegal

I wasn’t going to share this piece of news here(although I did share it with my Peace Corps Colombia community) because I felt a bit like I had beaten the dead piropos (catcalling) horse. Then I went out in public. Today it was not the quantity of piropos that I received, but rather the quality, that reminded me […]

Music Monday: ChocQuibTown

A typical night of Colombian primetime network television looks like this: an hour of news, an hour of a reality show, and 1-2 hours of novelas. I don’t love novelas; many of them are overly dramatic and/or cheesy. But I sure do love the reality TV shows. So far I’ve watched Bailando con las estrellas (Dancing with […]

Thankful in Colombia

Last month, I made a digital collage of some of the things that I am thankful for here. Life as a Peace Corps Volunteer in coastal Colombia isn’t always easy, but there are countless things that make the struggles worth it (for me). This originally posted on our online magazine, Oíste (and can be seen […]

A little bus accident

It took me about 8 months to be able to sit calmly in a vehicle here. Even in the States, I have a hard time riding in the car as a passenger. For whatever reason, my control issues come through full force when in a moving vehicle. I love driving. But being in the passenger […]

Medellín Street Art

The cityscape of Medellín is, from above, actually kind of boring. The buildings are almost universally of brick in a burnt sienna color. It’s crazy how uniform it is, especially coming from the coast of Colombia where the streets of towns look more like the inside of a gumball machine, with every building a different vibrant […]

Not holding back

  Here’s a story about last night. I was faced with a difficult situation and I didn’t know what to do, and because my default is to be kind, I opted for holding back. In the hours afterwards, when I simmered and stewed angry about the whole thing, I realized I can’t do this anymore. […]

Music Monday: Vallenato: the soul of the coast

When I started doing Music Mondays, I knew I’d have to feature vallenato at some point because it’s an integral part of the culture of coastal Colombia…but I was putting it off because while it’s a genre I hear constantly, I know nothing about it or its artists. Fortunately, my friend and fellow Peace Corps Volunteer […]

Medellín: an intro

Medellín was a bit of a mythological dream place to me for a long time. Well, for many months at least; to be honest, prior to watching Narcos last December, Medellín wasn’t on my mental map at all. For those of you who haven’t watched the Netflix television series Narcos, the show takes place in […]

Cartagena Street Art Part 2

Back in July, when I first shared some of the street art to be found in Cartagena, I promised that there would be more to come. Here it is! I still haven’t seen it all; the city is always adding more. Above (L-r): The mural on the left is one of the few found in […]

Mountain View

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