Music Monday: Maía

I stumbled across Maía (that’s Ma-EE-a, not Ma-ya) while looking for popular champeta artists to highlight. Maía is not a champeta artist. She just sang a song with a popular champeta artist and then made a dance music video. I saw the video on a champeta Facebook page and thought, “This isn’t the typical stuff; what else does she […]

May all offices be like the Oval Office

Official White House photo by Pete Souza And by that, I mean promoting and enabling parity between male and female staffers. Washington Post recently published an article about how women staffers want to “be in the room” at the White House. “The room,” in this case, is wherever the President is. The Post’s article goes onto say […]

Safety in Colombia

First of all, I promise that the image above will tie into this. I also promise you that I know the image above is shoddily made and ridiculous. When I decided to do Peace Corps in Colombia, I had no fears whatsoever about my safety. I didn’t do any research or anything. I knew what the […]

Soy yo: on confidence and being you

Seven year-old me and twenty-nine year-old me are pretty similar. We love making silly faces, we love being artsy and craftsy despite lacking creativity, we love to dance, and we don’t really care what other people think about us. The same is not true for eleven year-old me. By eleven I had glasses, bigger boobs than […]

Music Monday: Puerto Candelaria

When I stumbled upon this band last week, I knew they would be today’s feature. I think Ben would have liked them – or at least been amused by them. Puerto Candelaria is a 6-person band out of Medellín that plays what they call “cumbia underground.” They take the cumbia rhythms that are so important […]

Happy birthday, Ben.

Today is Ben’s birthday, but instead of turning 37, he is once again 35, forever 35. I am suddenly only five years younger than him rather than seven. Someday, I’ll be older than him. Even though I will (presumably) surpass his age, there’s no way I will ever surpass his wisdom or his intelligence or […]

A year without Ben.

I grew up with two brothers. Then, a year ago today, my Ben brother died. He had been very sick for a year. Well, he had been mostly very sick for a year. But I already wrote 900 words about that and they weren’t very fun to read, so I just deleted them. Instead, today […]

Stopped by the Colombian police

The title makes this sound way more dramatic than it really is. Calm down, Mom. I went with some members of my rugby team to a tournament in Santa Marta this weekend. We had a great time rugbying and team building, and then we hopped back in our puerta a puerta buseta (door-to-door oversized van) to head home. As […]

Mountain View

A little about me!

Hey! I'm Brianna Hope, a born & bred midwesterner embarking on an adventure as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Colombia. I am clumsy, I spill a lot, and I share most of my interests with 6 year-olds.

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